Winter Wardrobe Must-Haves: Accessories

Hello all! I am here with my mini series of my winter wardrobe must-haves. Today I’ll be focusing on winter accessories to dress up your outfit! Sometimes winter can feel like a drag because the struggle is real to look fashionable while staying warm. Putting on a bulky winter coat, thick mittens and chunky winter boots can make you be 100% less cute. But since you have stumbled upon this blogpost, you now have the solution! These accessories work by dressing up your simple outfit while keeping you warm (well most of them).



Thankfully to no snow on the ground, you can still pull out your booties to wear during the winter months. Booties dress up any outfit by going from casual to pulled together and fierce. You can go with the classic black bootie (which I think every girl should have), but try something in a different colour or with a different accent. The ones in the picture have both! They are a beautiful pale grey suede leather with silver plated details at the inner part of the heel and a small detail on the back. Also look for smaller details that add to the curb appeal (like the deep zipper on these boots). So next time when you are out shoe shopping, scope out some booties with some extra pizazz. I got mine at the Hudson’s Bay (by Dune). Check out stores like Browns, Davids, Hudson’s Bay and Aldo for real leather boots (they wear better). Also, don’t forget to protect your shoes with a shoe protectant to save them from getting ruined by the dirt, wetness and salt!


Blanket Scarf

Big blanket scarves are a must in the winter time. Not only do they dress up a simple outfit (lets say jeans and a white tee), but they are so big and warm that you can just wrap this large scarf around your shoulders and stay warm. This scarf is perfect for travel, you can wrap it around you neck in a “V” shape, or just drape it around your shoulders for the relaxed look. The material is thick enough to keep you warm, but thin enough to not feel too heavy. You can wear this in so many different ways, which makes it an absolute staple piece in your wardrobe. Now-a-days you can buy blanket scarves anywhere, my trusty scarf in the picture above is from Wilfred, but you can check out Garage and Zara for cheaper alternatives!

Wide Brim Felt Hat

These types of hats are amazing! They add a subtle amount of chicness to your outfit. Whenever I wear this I feel 10x more sassy and put together. Jeans, tee, booties, big scarf, big sunnies and this hat = perfection. Not sunny outside? Who cares, these felt hats are a fashion statement all year round, indoors and outdoors.  I bought this hat at Abercrombie and Fitch, you can also find them at Aldo, Aritzia, Holt Refrenw (and basically anywhere that sells accessories!)


Fur Snood

I love the fur snood. This one is faux (however is very soft and one of the more authentic looking faux fur snoods on the market). When the weather is more mild, you can rock the fur snood with a leather jacket. They are easy to throw on and keep your neck extra warm and cozy. I love this one from Indigo Chapters found in the accessory department, however I’ve seen these everywhere! Check out places like Garage, Aldo, Zara, or even places like Rudsak, Danier and Holt Renfrew for the real deal!


Now these may not be the most stylish, but they look super cute. I like wearing these to keep my ears extra warm (as the ones from UGG are made with real sheepskin and wool)! These neutral toned earmuffs come in three colours: brown (as shown in the picture), black and grey. When you don’t want to wear a beanie or hat (that can make your forehead all hot and sweaty), these earmuffs come in handy! I have gotten so much use out of mine this winter season and these are a definite must.

Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are just so much classier and put together than cotton/fabric gloves. They are stylish and make you look badass (especially if you get these motor-style leather gloves with the keyhole). I have been wearing mine to death, and bonus, these have iPhone sensitive touch capabilities! So I can text while keeping my hands nice and warm. I got mine from Banana Republic, but check out places like Danier, Holt Renfrew, and the Bay.


Long Necklace

Obviously the long necklace isn’t going to help you keep warm in the winter, but these long lariat necklaces are super “in” right now and dress up any outfit. These are especially flattering when worn with a lower cut shirt as it just accentuates that area. I got this necklace at Banana Republic, but check out Aldo Accessories or any other jewelry store!

I hope you liked this blogpost, as it’s the first fashion related post thus far! Keep your eyes out for my next “Winter Wardrobe Must-Haves: Clothing”. Thanks again x



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