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Let’s face it, a purse is a girl’s best friend (and so are the things in it..). What a girl carries in her purse tells a lot about herself, who she is, what she likes, what matters to her (if she’s a hoarder of receipts.. guilty). I’m always curious to see what everyone else carries in their purse, and what they couldn’t live without. So without any further ado, let’s take a look into my bag (receipt free).



So lets start off with the obvious one, my wallet. My wallet is from Marc Jacobs and is a hot pink colour, of course. This is obviously an essential as it carries all my essential cards. Like my credit and debit (duh), me ID (again, duh), my  Sephora VIB card, Shoppers Optimum card, Starbucks gold card,  my Plum rewards card and the occasional cash (does anyone even really carry cash anymore?)!

Next are my favourite sunglasses from Dolce & Gabanna. I love the big cat-eyes frames, they are just so attractive on the face and have a bit of a reflection on the lens. These are an essential of mine because you never know when those sun rays are going to peak between the clouds and shed some light!

Another obvious one, my keys. I thought I’d include these because of the cute black leather tassel key chain it’s on! I got this one for free with a purchase at Victoria’s Secret! The offer is still on so make sure to head over there now if you want to get your hands on one!

Winter months are here and that entails dry hands! So what do I have? Moisturizer. This is honestly an essential of mine and has saved my hands from that dreaded sandpaper texture. This one isn’t my favourite, but it’s all I have right now so it shall do as it does the job!

I am one of those girls that constantly needs to brush her hair. So what do I have in my purse? A mini Wet Brush. I love the wet brush, it’s honestly the best for wet hair, but also good for adding silkiness to dry hair (I don’t even know how it does this, but it does). If you haven’t tried this you definitely should. I bought mine at Target, so I’m not too sure where you can get them in Canada.

Ever get a dirty phone screen? One with finger prints all over it? Well this all-in-one spray and cloth screen cleaner is amazing and super handy! It’s nice and compact, and super travel-friendly. I have not yet seen something as innovative as this, besides the wipes (but throwing out those dirty wipes is far less environmentally friendly).

Next is my trusty hand sanitizer. This one I think I got at Forever21 (at the checkout counter) for super cheap. It makes your hand smell amazing, and obviously kills bacteria like you want it to! If you are a pubic transit goer you definitely want to get your hands on some hand sanitizer. Also, a lot of people forget this, but it’s super important to wash your hands (or use hand sinister) before eating too! Having this in your purse is definitely a must for all.

My notebook has become a more recent must-have. I like carrying this around with me, especially when a new blog post idea comes to mind, or when I need to make a to-do list, shopping list, or any list for that matter. I got this super cute notebook for about $10 at indigo.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is my new favourite lip plumper by Glamglow called Plumpergeous Matte Lip Treatment. This is really nice because it doesn’t apply too shiny (not entirely matte) and does a great job at plumping (beware it burns!). I carry this around as it helps to moisturize and plump at the same time.

So that’s about it for what’s in my purse! Have any essentials you can’t live without? Leave a comment telling me your purse must-haves.


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