The Best Pants that Shape Your Bum: FREDDY Pants


I’m all for pants that make my bum looks good, in fact, one of the first things I do when I put on a pair of pants is turn around and look in the mirror to see how they make my bum look. Girls, don’t say you don’t do this too. Secondary to that is obviously comfort. Nothing is worse than loving the way a pair of jeans looks but constantly pulling at them throughout the day because they are so uncomfortable.
While browsing online, I came across FREDDY Pants. The first thing I noticed was how great that made the models bum look. Then I hesitated, well maybe she’s just blessed. But then when I searched Instagram I noticed how they made every girl’s booty look fab and perky.

WR.UP FREDDY pants use patented shaping technology that enhances your curves by bringing them up in a natural and flattering way. There is a great selection of styles, washes and colours of both pants and denim you can choose from, that there is literally a pant for everyone.

The WR.UP FREDDY pants use a thin silicone band at the waistline to ensure a secure fit. This technology has been an absolute blessing for me as I no longer have the problem of pulling up and adjusting my pants all day. The seams on the back add to the push-up effect and the tight, yet comfortable fit really enhances your curves (I’m talking waist, hips, booty, thighs – the whole package) in every way.

The best part is just how comfortable they are. They feel just like leggings (and if you are one of those girls that could live in leggings – guilty) then you could live in these. I wore them to a whole day of classes and couldn’t believe how comfortable I was the whole day, not to mention confident! I will definitely stock up on more styles and washes because you won’t ever want to switch back to regular jeans after wearing these. FREDDY store offers a variety of options from jeans to even athletic. Get your pair here

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