Spring Cleaning

To be able to have a clear mind, you need to have a clear space. By clear space, I mean one that is neat, tidy and organized, somewhere in which you feel happy and content in. Spring is the perfect season to declutter and have a good, thorough clean. Make it your stepping stone to a zen-filled living space that will promote clarity, well-being, and peace of mind.

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to spring cleaning for me is tackling the closet! So let’s get into that closet and into those drawers and begin to declutter!

Now I know some of you out there are thinking “but I love everything in my closet! I could never let anything go!”. WRONG! I am sure there are plenty of items in your closet that haven’t seen the light of day for months, maybe years! Let go of the attachment and you will feel a massive weight lifted off your shoulders!

Don’t hold onto items that aren’t serving you, don’t suit your style anymore, and don’t align with who you are!

I promise you will feel so much better with a closet full of items that you truly love and will wear. It will make getting ready in the morning a breeze.

Tips to Toss:

  • you haven’t worn it…. ever (or in a very long time)
  • it doesn’t suit your style anymore
  • it has stains, rips, holes or is showing wear
  • your holding on to it solely for the reason you spent a lot of money on it
  • you don’t feel comfortable in the item or think it’s just okay – you should feel fabulous in everything you wear
  • you’ve told yourself months ago “I’ll wear that one day…”
  • it doesn’t fit (whether too small or too big) don’t wait for the day in which it will fit – TOSS!

Now what?

I’m all about not wasting so instead of tossing your items in the trash, look at these options first!

  1. Donate to your local drop-off, charity or homeless shelter
  2. Give or trade with a friend or friends! Hey, just because you don’t love it anymore, doesn’t mean that someone else won’t find a perfect home for it. For a fun idea, gather a bunch of friends over and have a trading party in which you can shop each other’s closet for free! Add in some tasty cocktails and treats and you’ve got yourself a perfect night!
  3. Repurpose. Have some old shirts, sweaters or jeans? If you’re feeling crafty, repurpose them. Cut and customize your shirts and sweaters by making them cropped, adding some decals, cutting off the sleeves and so much more! Make an old pair of jeans into some cute cut-off shirts, or if you’re feeling super trendy, try making a denim choker!
  4. Sell! Nothing like making some extra cash. Some people would be happy to have some of the clothes you aren’t in love with anymore. This option is especially nice if you’re someone that has a lot of special, expensive or designer items that you are pointlessly holding onto! BUT, keep the stuff online (Kijiji, Carousell, Let Go, Facebook Groups, etc.) for no longer than 2 weeks. If it doesn’t sell within that time, look at giving it away or donating. Otherwise, you are stuck with a pile of old stuff taking up space in your room!

Do the same thing in your drawers for PJs, socks, underwear, workout wear and more.

Need a bit of organization? Try some of these items to optimize space and efficiency!

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