Review: Guerlain Parure Gold Foundation

Oh behold, the holy grail foundation! Now let me tell you, buying this foundation was not an easy pill to swallow with the hefty price tag of CAD$94!! I never thought a foundation could be so life changing but this foundation is simply flawless. So without any further ado, lets get into the review!

Let’s start off with the basics. This foundation retails for CAD$94 and comes in 6 different shades: 01 Beige Pale, 02 Beige Clair, 03 Beige Neutral, 04 Beige Moyen, 05 Beige Fonce, and 12 Rose Clair. The foundations have a very neutral undertone, rather than a pinky tone which I tend to stay away from. This foundation is medium coverage but is most definitely build able. It’s 1.0 fl oz (30ml), which is relatively normal in the liquid foundation world. Bonus, this bottle comes with a gorgeous pump which is mess and bacteria free!

Tip: If you prefer a lighter coverage use approx. 1 pump with a damp beauty blender! For heavier coverage use your hands or a buffing foundation brush.

So what does this foundation claim? And does it live up to them? Well, from the name you may guess that YES there is gold in this foundation! Gold has been a skin phenomenon for a while now as it has the ability to rejuvenate, smooth and tighten the skin. You may notice little flecks of shimmer in this foundation (which are the gold pigments), but do not fear, after applying this foundation I did not see a fleck of glitter, just a very natural luminous glow. This foundation claims not only to temporarily add coverage to your face, but has long lasting skin benefits that will ultimately improve your skin over time. In addition this foundation has SPF 30 – PA+++, which is a great positive as any SPF in a foundation helps protect your face from early aging caused by the sun’s harmful rays.


What are the benefits compared to the downfalls?

The benefits

  • The packaging! Okay, how can you not love this bottle? The sleek black long rectangular bottle with rounded edges is just beautiful. And the gold accents really add to the curb appeal. In addition to the bottle itself, the pump is a huge plus, and the cap is nice and sturdy!
  • The formula! This foundation applies beautifully, with any application tool of choice (even though I prefer a damp beauty blender). It feels incredibly lightweight on the skin while still providing generous coverage.
  • The glow! I have never gotten such a beautiful glow from a foundation before. It really looks like you are glowing from within, similar to the effect you get with hourglass ambient lighting powders!
  • The lasting power! I have worn this foundation for almost 17 hours and my foundation looked just the same as when I applied it, which is such a key determinant in foundations.


The fallbacks

  • The price! I think this one’s a given. If you aren’t looking to spend a lot of money and splurge on a foundation this may be a downfall.
  • The lack of shades! I was lucky enough to find two shades that matched pretty well to my skin 02 Natural Clair and 03 Beige Natural. They blend out wonderfully to match to your skin, however they are very limited with only 6 shades.


The iffy

  • The scent! Now I have to admit, the scent is really not that strong, it’s actually a very faint floral scent that you can’t smell once on your skin. But if you are very sensitive to scented foundations this may not be the best one for you (Even though I find a lot of luxury make-up brands have a floral scent to their makeup)

Now the application process: I put 1 pump of the foundation onto a damp beauty blender, dapped in onto my skin (1 on each cheek, nose and forehead). From there I started to blend the foundation out. I immediately loved the coverage it gave and how my skin automatically looked healthy and glowy. It blends out very nice with the sponge and leaves your face looking flawless. There is a slight scent when applied but I didn’t notice it at all throughout the day. I also noticed that the rest of my makeup went on my face nicer than with my previous foundation (Urban Decay Naked Skin). Throughout the day my skin remained looking glowy and healthy, YAS! I find that sometimes the initial application will have that healthy glow, but throughout the day that effect fades away. Not with this foundation! The lasting power was also a huge plus, as mentioned before. I was very impressed. Now for the skin benefits? I have relatively clear skin, but have found that my skin without makeup looks brighter and smoother (this could also be from my skin regime), so this topic is questionable. I will continue using it and update later below the skin care claims!

All in all, if you are looking to splurge on a foundation, this is the one to get! Thanks for reading. xx


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