Protect Your Skin This Summer

Most of us love the sun, because it means warmth and tans. But if we aren’t careful, we could be in for some serious damage – and I’m not just talking about the superficial sun spots and wrinkles!

Protecting our skin against the sun’s harmful rays are very important, and there are a lot of misconceptions and myths regarding what’s considered “safe”. So I’m here to break some of these myths and provide you with some helpful tips to enjoy the summer weather while protecting yourself and your skin.

Myth 1 – If it’s cloudy, then I don’t need SPF

Just because you can’t see the sun, doesn’t mean that you aren’t getting sun exposure. The sun’s UV rays actually can penetrate through clouds and still cause damage! It’s therefore super important to wear sunscreen (at least SPF 30) even when the clouds are out.

Myth 2 – I’m protected from the sun if I sit in the shade.

Like the first myth, the sun can still get to you. Because the sun’s UV rays can reflect, the UV rays can get scattered when it hits a surface and still make contact with your skin. Again, it is best to wear some sunscreen while lounging in the shade.

 Myth 3 – Once I apply sunscreen at the beginning of the day, I don’t need to re-apply

Sunscreen does not last all day! Even with water and sweat resistant brands, the sunscreen will wear off throughout the day. If you know you are going to be out and about, being continuously exposed to sun, make sure to pack sunscreen with you on-the-go for easy reapplication.

Myth 4 – Now that I have a base tan, I’m more protected

Having a base tan, does not mean that you are now protected from the sun. Having the tan, is just your skins response to the UV rays. Dermatologist Steve Rodder, states that a base tan actually only provides a max of 4 SPF. So make sure to keep applying sunscreen, at least SPF 30 or 50.

Myth 5 – I’ve applied SPF 50, I won’t have any damage

Applying sunscreen with an SPF 50 doesn’t automatically guarantee that you are protected from the sun. This is most often related to the poor application of sunscreen, leaving you often times with only 20 SPF protection! Ensure that you thoroughly apply your sunscreen everywhere before hitting the sun.

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