No more crushed bras! Brakitty is your Solution!

The Problem

Despite bralettes being very trendy these days, a moulded bra is still an essential to any girl’s wardrobe. Moulded smooth cups help create a natural shape and keeps a sleek look under clothes. With good bras costing up to $100 these days, it’s imperative we find betters ways of preserving them. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding your favourite bra all mangled up from lumps and dents.

The Solution: Brakitty!

I recently just spent uber amounts of money on a bunch of gorgeous new bras from Victoria’s Secret, and these things have become my new babies. I will not let anything destroy their beauty, especially being crushed in my luggage when I take them with me on a weekend getaway.

When you have beautiful bras, there’s nothing more horrifying than finding them damaged from being compressed between clothes, makeup, and other miscellaneous items hanging out in your suitcase. With my Brakitty I get to keep all my bras (and undies) safe and organized.

My Story

The perfect thing about my Brakitty is that it is discreet and ensures that no one gets a sneak peek at your bras and undies when you need to open up your luggage in public.

I can’t even begin to tell you the horror stories I have, having to open up my luggage because it was over the weight limit to pack the extra pieces in my carry-on luggage, fearing that everyone would take a sight of my bras and undies in the very busy airport. I can proudly say that will never happen again – for one that I now religiously weigh my luggage on the scale 10 times before heading to the airport, and for the fact that my Brakitty conceals all of them in a cute, decorative case.

The Features

Some of the things I love about my BraKitty is that it’s big enough that they can hold my D cup bras, while also being super lightweight. The case itself weighs only 200 grams so you won’t have to worry about it adding extra weight to your luggage – minus whatever you pack in it. While it’s lightweight it’s still very durable! With a packed to the gills suitcase, my Brakitty did not have a dent despite being pressed against everything else in my luggage – making me feel extra confident that my intimates were safe and sound.

The other great thing I love is that even if you are going for a short trip and are using a carry one, you can use the Brakitty to pack just 1 bra, and just fill up the rest of the space with your socks, undies, T-shirts – anything you want. It also comes with a cotton bag that you can throw dirty undies in, making sure you are keeping your clean away from dirty.

Final Thoughts

I can honestly say I am so happy I discovered Brakitty! It’s an uber innovative creation that’s a must-have for every woman – whether you travel often or just spend a weekend at your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s place. The great thing is that whatever you pack in you Brakitty is up to you (even though designed for bras) will be protected and discreet! If you are still looking for a Christmas gift, check out to find the perfect design for anyone on your list!

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