How to Edit Your Photos Using Your Phone

Taking and editing photos is a skill, no question about that. But while you can have good photography skills, your photos may not turn out exactly how you want them with that alone. That’s why editing is so important. But with applications like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, editing can be seriously confusing.

So I’ve decided to rely on two steps to edit my photos to make them brighter, whiter and more vibrant. I use VSCO and the editing option in the iPhone Camera Roll.


The first thing I do when I upload a picture and start to edit it, is use one of the preset filters. My favourite is A6. Depending on the photo, I will tweak the setting down (for this one I set it at +7.0)

After the filter, I will edit the photos using the rest of the specific settings. I usually just stick to Exposure, Contrast, Sharpen and Temperature.

Using Exposure helps to brighten up the photo and the background. I bring it up on the scale until I like what I see.

I like contrast because it helps to add some more definition to the details in the photo. I bring this up on the scale, but not too much because it can add harsh shadows and pigments.

For this particular photo, I brought the temperature down. I usually do this when I find the photo is too saturated or has warm tones that don’t match the rest of my aesthetic.

After editing I make sure to save the photo to my camera roll. Always use the “actual size” option to provide the highest quality and resolution.

iPhone Camera Roll

Now I go to my camera roll and hit the edit button. Once I’m in the editing screen I will click the button that is a circle with little dots around it.

This will give you the option to change light, colour and do B&W. You can use the scale that the camera roll has to increase or decrease the lighting but I always click the down bar of the light option so I can really customize it.

As you can see, when you hit the down bar you are given options to adjust brilliance, exposure, highlights, shadows, brightness, contrast and black point.

I have already gone ahead and played around with them. I usually bring all settings up a little bit (into the positive +), and bring the shadows down (into the negative -)

Then all you have to do is click done! You are ready to go with a bright, white and vibrant photo ready to post to your blog or Instagram!

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