Ep. 3 | How to Incorporate Self-Care Into Your Busy Life

In this episode, Gabby talks about how to incorporate self-care into your everyday life. Stop putting yourself on the back burner and make yourself a priority! Why put everything else before yourself? Gabby discusses how putting yourself first can actually increase your productivity and motivation, and promote a healthy spirit and body.

Learn what you can be doing now to make self-care a priority and how to easily incorporate into your life. Not only does this episode provide valuable insight and advice, you can also now download a FREE printable that provides self-care suggestions and weekly self-care tracker!

Click here to download your FREE SELF-CARE CHECKLIST NOW!!








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This beauty, lifestyle + wellness blog - The Glam RN, by Gabby Kenna is the perfect reflection of the latest trends, beauty looks and incorporation of lifestyle posts. In addition to posting photographs of elegant outfits and makeup looks (and enviably impeccable hair) Gabby loves a good laugh with great friends and late-night meditation seshs.

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