Ep. 2 | Become an Influencer and Monetize Your Instagram

In this episode, Gabby talks about what it means to become an influencer on Instagram and the value of staying authentic to yourself to help you gain a real following. Gabby also discusses how you can start making money on Instagram as an influencer and tips to get you started.

Learn who it is that will pay you for posting on Instagram. How to target brands directly and get your foot in the door to forming those collaborations. Learn how to market yourself on Instagram and value your worth as an influencer.

Gabby also presents you with inside information on what platforms she uses herself to form paid partnerships with brands and how to get brands to respect you professionally.

About the author
This beauty, lifestyle + wellness blog - The Glam RN, by Gabby Kenna is the perfect reflection of the latest trends, beauty looks and incorporation of lifestyle posts. In addition to posting photographs of elegant outfits and makeup looks (and enviably impeccable hair) Gabby loves a good laugh with great friends and late-night meditation seshs.

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