Cutting Out Sugar

Sugar is addicting, and we have always been told for years now that sugar is bad for us, but we often find it extremely difficult to cut it out of our diets.

There are temptations everywhere, and sometimes the bigger is hidden in our everyday foods, You go through your day, and somehow sugar tends to pop up in almost everything. Our cereals, bread,  in our lattes, in all the treats at the local coffee shop.

Cutting out sugar doesn’t necessarily mean cutting out sweeteners in general. There are actually natural alternatives. Honey, being the best. It is actually the only natural sweetener that actually has numerous health benefits. Try honey over stevia and agave syrup (I discussed why agave syrup was bad for you in a podcast here if you’re interested). In addition, naturally occurring sugar found in fruits, some veggies, and milk products are okay! It is added sugar that you want t steer clear from.

Now let’s look into what sugar does…

  • causes metabolic syndrome
  • increased our chances of getting type 2 diabetes
  • can cause weight gain
  • elevates blood sugar
  • elevates triglycerides (which can cause plaque in our blood vessels leading to heart disease!)
  • decreased HDLs (the good cholesterol) and increase LDLs (the bad cholesterol)
  • increased blood pressure (which can lead to other heart conditions and diseases)
  • worsen memory – studies show it can actually kill brain cells (EEK!)

What you may notice when you make the cut…

  • improved heart health (by decreasing LDLs and triglycerides)
  • decreased/stabilized blood pressure and heart rate
  • clearer skin!
  • better night sleeps
  • decreased risk of getting diabetes
  • natural energy without a sugar high and quick crash
  • subsequent weight loss
  • loss of cravings


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