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Hello, my friends!

I have been getting numerous questions lately about my skincare routine, how I keep my skin looking clear and bright, etc. So I’m here to reveal my little secret!

Now I have to be honest, my skin isn’t always looking its finest, and since going through a move and studying like crazy for my nursing exam I have been breaking out, and my skin has been looking extra dull. But this happens to the best of us, right?

Whenever pimples and other skin problems get the best of me, I grab my Sand and Sky Brilliant Skin Mask to get the job done! This mask is all natural, paraben-free, and has none of that icky, “how do you even pronounce this?” ingredients in it! Which is obviously one of the first reasons why I love it – and because its pink (what can I say, it’s my favourite colour!). It’s made from an all natural source of Australian Pink Clay, this key ingredient is what helps to make the since clearer and brighter, riding the skin of any toxins, pollutants and dirt that can get buried in our pores.

The mask already comes with a small applicator brush which makes it super easy to apply. I apply a generous amount all over my face and let it dry – it takes less than 10 minutes to apply and have the mask dry so it’s perfect for all you busy ladies (or gents) out there! Bonus: this product has such an amazing scent to it.

Immediately after I remove the mask I see a difference in my skin- it’s like magic! My skin is instantly brighter and any redness from a pimple or breakout is significantly reduced. I’ve also noticed that my pimples heal so much faster after using this mask!

This mask is also packed with some other awesome ingredients, such as:

– Organic liquorice
– Old Man’s Weed
– Organic Aloe Vera
– Pomegranates
– Organic Mangosteen
– Kakadu plum and kelp

All these ingredients work together to brighten the skin, shrink pores, reduce the appearance of discolouration while creating a skin barrier to protect your skin from pollutants and free radicals, as well as stimulate skin cell growth.


Try it out today! Click here

This blog post was sponsored by Sand and Sky.


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