Are Your Electronics Harming You?

Can our cellphones, laptops and other electronics actually harm our physical and mental health? The answer is YES.

One of the most common reasons for this is the sheer fact that our electronics emit positive ions. You think “positive”, therefore, there must be a positive effect. But in truth, positive ions are actually the complete opposite of having positive outcomes.

Positive ions can actually affect our health by triggering….

  • allergies
  • infections
  • lethargy (tiredness and restlessness)
  • anxiety
  • and even suicide

The opposite, negative ions, do our body good! They can…

  • increase serotonin level in our brain (which increases our mood and spirit)
  • stabilize blood pressure
  • alkalize our bodies
  • increase immunity
  • positively affect our environment by purifying the air

So how do we get negative ions in our life?

Well, the first step is to decrease electronic use specifically cell phone use. One of the easiest ways to do this, is to turn off our cellphones and electronics at night – no more sleeping with your phones!

In addition, you can go outside. Becuase a majority of positive ions are concentrated indoors, such as carpet, plastic, metals, electromagnetic fields, fluorescent lights, etc.), stepping outside, away from this space will most definitely help.

Another option is to open up a window – let that fresh air in.

Alternatively, you can find other sources of negative ions such as having a salt lamp (like a pink Himalayan salt lamp), have an indoor waterfall, and by using a negative ion generator.

Hope this little post was informative and eye-opening. I know with this generation we are so attached to our electronics, but it’s time to break the attachment and consider the health risks that can be associated with excess use!

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