A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Start a Blog

So you want to start your own blog but aren’t sure exactly where to start. The beginning stages of starting your own blog can be a bumpy ride initially when trying to figure it out on your own. But fear not, I have laid out in simple, broken down steps that will make starting a blog as easy as can be.

So first things first – What are you going to blog about??

Before we get into any of the actual steps of creating your blog and having it up and running, it’s time to decide what you want your blog to be about! Figuring this out will make the next few steps easier (such as picking a blog name, theme, and creating affiliated social media platforms).

Choose what you want to write about (and make sure it’s something you are passionate about). You don’t necessarily need to just choose one specific niche but make sure the topics complement each other and represent you as the writer, as well as your readers (the target audience).

Here are some ideas:

  • beauty and makeup
  • fashion and outfits
  • food and recipes
  • fitness and nutrition
  • mommy blogger
  • vegan/vegetarian blogger
  • travel blogger
  • natural blogger
  • lifestyle (all encompassing)
  • interviews
  • reviews
  • DIYs

TIP: if you are having trouble choosing what you want to blog about or aren’t sure how a specific theme will work out try writing down a few blog post ideas for the theme you chose.

1) Find a blogging platform

To run a blog you need a platform in which your blog can run. There are a few options that you can choose from. Finding the right platform depends on your personal preferences.


WordPress: I use WordPress to run my blog (now be informed that there are 2 types: WordPress.com and WordPress.org). I suggest WordPress.org if you wish to have a domain URL and a very customizable theme and blog design (as most web designers require you to run your website on WordPress.org for their theme to work on your website). The other great thing about WordPress is that you can run a WooCommerce shop to sell merch and goods.


Blogger: I started out with Blogger before I made the switch to WordPress. This is good if you don’t wish to purchase a domain or don’t want to fuss with all the customizations that are available on WordPress. The good thing about Blogger is that it is far less complex than WordPress and relatively easy to navigate around. To see what my Blogger blog looked like before I made the switch click here.


Wix: I have never myself used Wix, however, have heard good things about this platform. The one major downfall about Wix is that the web design is primarily whatever is available on their website (I do not believe you can purchase “themes” for Wix)


2) Pick a Host:

If you really want to invest in your blog and significantly up your professionalism, I highly suggest getting your own domain. What I mean by this, is that your website will look like this:

  • theglamrn.com

Rather than this:

  • theglamrn.wordpress.com
  • theglamrn.wix.com
  • theglamrn.blogger.com

Something about having the platform name smushed in the middle of my website URL always made me cringe. As soon as I decided to invest in purchasing a domain I felt 110% better about my blog and where it was heading. So where can you get a host – check the links below (there are more, however, these are the two I believe to be the most reliable):

Blue Host: This is the hosting that I use and it is relatively inexpensive (see photo below for general pricing). The other great thing is that it is highly reliable – they currently have a special of $3.95 a month specifically for WordPress hosting.

I will warn you, the pricing is in US dollars, and you will have to pay for the whole term, mine was approximately CAD$150 for the year when I purchased my domain (this may vary for you).

The other thing I love about Blue Host is that have the ability to have an e-mail address with your domain in the address – for example: info@theglamrn.com

Go Daddy: I am far less familiar with, however, do know that they are another reliable hosting platform with reasonable pricing (see image below).

3) Choose a domain:

Choosing a blog name (aka your domain) will require a lot of thought. I suggest that you write down multiple possibilities and choose from there. Make sure it’s something you absolutely adore and stands true to you and your blog theme – because you are committing to it once you submit it as your domain!

Check out the printable provided – there is a space where you can brainstorm blog names!

4) Choose a theme:

Time to make your blog pretty! This is probably the most fun part of creating a blog for me (well apart from actually creating content – duh!).

Here’s the sad truth:

While you may have stellar content, if your blog isn’t pretty (or at least plain jane) people won’t want to read your content. I’m sure you’re familiar with the quote “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Well, people do! And same goes for your blog – so have fun with it and bedazzle it!

Be prepared to spend some money as well! Just like investing in a domain name, it is important you invest in a theme. Themes can be as inexpensive as $20 and up to $399. In cases that you want a completely customized and personalized web design, you are looking at the thousands ($2999-$5999).

Note: Again the prices will likely be in US dollars, and it is important to consider the exchange rate.

Just look at how pretty your blog can look with a theme:

Here are some places to buy a theme

5) Customize your blog

Time to spice up your new blog! By this, I mean creating certain pages to add to your blog such as an “About Me” and “Contact” pages. I also recommend spicing up your sidebar (if you choose to have one) – here are some suggestions:

  • A mini blurb about yourself
  • A photo of yourself
  • Your twitter feed
  • Facebook page
  • Categories
  • Instagram feed
  • Calendar
  • Subscribe box
  • Social Media icons
  • Snapchat icon


Note: More posts will be featured soon with must-have plugins and widgets for your sidebar as well as a post on how to create the perfect “About” page

6) Start Posting!



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