7 Free Apps Every Boss Babe Needs

We all carry our phone everywhere we go, and that’s why we rely so heavily on apps! I have compiled a list of my top 7 iPhone apps for every #bossbabe that are totally free (with the exception of some upgrade fees). I swear by these for a more productive, happier and healthier life!


This app is great if you need to zen the f*ck out. As a boss babe, you are incredibly busy and are probably leading a relatively stressful life. Meditation is key to help you de-stress and be happier, more self-aware and more productive as well. With this app, you can practice mediation with guided meditation clips with different target topics. My favourite is “Foundation” to help beginners delve into meditation and a new world of mindfulness.


I can’t get over this planner!! With the new year, we want to have a planned life, but also a happier more fulfilling one. The Happiness Planner started as a paper book (still available), but they recently came out with a free app version! As a busy boss babe, you may be running out the door, leaving your planner behind. But with the app, you have it everywhere you go! Great for inspiration, reaching goals, monitoring and breaking habit, as well as planning!


Asana is a task app – in which you can create projects and then create tasks for each of the projects. The projects can be personal/individual or can be group projects. This is great for any boss babe still in school for any group projects but also for any lady entrepreneur!


I love this app because I’m all about the savings! While you may be a boss babe, you may also be a broke boss babe. And that’s totally okay – we all have to start somewhere. This app lets you flip through numerous flyers, presents coupons for stores you frequently shop at, and also informs you of all the deals in your area! I always take a look through this before heading out shopping for the necessities.


Just like the Headspace app that focuses on meditation, this app focuses on yoga! I love yoga, however going to a studio can sometimes not be manageable in your schedule or budget. This free app (with possible upgrade fee) allows you to practice yoga at home (or anywhere else) by guiding you through poses and form. There also great challenges you can do to help you get your yoga on.


This one is for all my fellow bloggers, influencers or Instagrammers that just want a beautiful feed. I love this app because it allows you to test a photo before you post it to make sure it works with the rest of your feed, allows you to schedule future posts (and create captions), analyses your stats and provides you an overview of your photo’s engagement. I have been using this app religiously lately and highly reccomend it!


This is basically the “note” app included on the iPhone on steroids. It organizes your notes, allows you to add audio, media, and photos to your notes, and allows you to chat with contacts that also have the app. I typically use this on-the-go when writing blog posts!

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