How to Keep Skin Hydrated in Winter

The winter is here and our skin is paying the price. The dry winter months suck the moisture right out of our skin, making it appear dull and feel dry and flaky. Not only is it not the cutest sight, but it’s unpleasant to touch. So here are a few tips, tricks, DIYs and products to guarantee soft, hydrated skin all winter long.


I have recently discovered oils and I will never look back. Now applying an oil right onto your face, especially with an oily complexion, can be particularly scary. Don’t be fooled, there are studies and testimonies all over the internet that “oil-balancing” can actually decrease breakouts and shininess during the day! If oils are lightly applied to the face before bed you’ll wake up with baby soft skin trust me!

So what oil should you use? And where can you   get them?
Argan oil

Argan oil can be used for so many different things which makes purchasing it, sper worth your money. Not only is it great for you face, it is also great for your hair and cuticles! I have also seen it been used as an all over body lotion, however, in the long run this would be extremely cost prohibitive as you need much more product to cover that much surface area.

Josie Maran Argan Oil (C$60 for 1.7 oz) — this is the argan oil that I use and I love using this on my face before going to bed or on a day where my skin is looking particularly more dry than usual. (Beware, don’t apply your makeup right after applying this, as the slippery base of the oil will just slick off your makeup — so let it sink it for an hour)

If C$60 seems a bit too steep, there are 0.5 oz bottles found at Sephora’s checkout line for only C$20

stock-illustration-63436689-coconut-oilCoconut oil

Coconut oil is life! This oil is great as an all over body lotion especially for the legs, ankles, knees, feet, and elbows (basically anywhere that tends to crack more than others). It leaves your skin extremely soft, however a little bit on the slippery side. I would apply this after the shower however I do suggest to leave this step to your bedtime/night routine rather than right in the morning.

This can be found at almost any grocery store. I buy mine at Whole Foods and will usually pick up whichever is on sale, because organic coconut oil can get pretty pricey. These organic oils, however, are often unrefined and contain all their originating nutrients that your skin will love. I recommend if you decide to pick up coconut oil to pick up the solid form as its much easier to work with and will just melt into your skin with the heat from your hands.

For the unrefined coconut oil I recommend Dr. Bronner’s Magic “All-One” Fair Trade and Organic Coconut Oil – 14 oz

Moroccan oil

So you may be wondering what exactly is the difference between Argan oil and Moroccan oil? Which is better? Well confusion be gone! Moroccan oil is essentially argan oil, however it contains additives making it less pure than argan oil but still producing the same hydrating benefits. This really comes down to preference and price (moroccan oil tends to be less expensive)!

Maracuja oil

I’ll be honest, until I tried the Tarte Maracuja oil, I had no idea what this was. This oil is most beneficial as a moisturizer. I have tried this in my hair compared to the Josie Maran Argan oil and found that it just left my hair looking oily and didn’t do the best job of softening it. Looking at the Tarte Maracuja oil specifically the 2 ingredients in the oil are passiflora edulis seed oil (derived from passion fruit and good for moisturizing) and tocopherol (part of the vitamin E family, a great antioxidant for the skin)

Tarte Maracuja oil C$58 for 1.7oz or C$18 for 0.5oz (just slightly less expensive than the Josie Maran Argan Oil) and can be found at Sephora

Out of the two I recommend the Josie Maran Argan oil over the Tarte (just preference, as I find it has more uses)

Omega-3 Supplements!

Omega-3 is best known for healing the skin through its anti-inflammatory actions that lead to clearer, brighter and more hydrated skin. Omega-3 is a fish oil and can be obtained by eating fish. However, this may not be the most ideal method of consumption. Therefore, drugstores and grocery stores now carry oral supplements in the form of both oil and pills filled with the oil and can be taken daily!

These can be found at any drugstore or grocery store and prices range from C$15-50 dollars per bottle. I use the NutraSea+D Omega-3 Oil C$50

Drink Waterstock-photo-59837600-water-splashing-from-glass

Hydrated skin comes from within! Thus, if you keep the inside of your body hydrated the exterior will reflect that! Our skin is the largest organ, and without sufficient amounts of water our skin will reflect that as a result of dry, flaky skin. When we do hydrate our body, the hydration will also appear on the skin. Unfortunately, the hydrating effects of water will reach all inner body organs before reaching the skin. Therefore, it is essential to remain extra hydrated! The optimal goal is to drink 8 glasses a day to remove toxins from the body and achieve the best benefits. Keeping hydrated is a well forgotten step once the summer heat is replaced by cold snow. However, remember drinking water is vital for our overall well-being, not just the skin!

Green tea!

This should come off as no surprise! What benefits does green tea not have? Green tea has a plethora of benefits and perks! It’s rich supply of antioxidants and catechins help burn fat, help prevent certain cancers while also helping to decreased the risk for neurological and heart disease. It is also reported that green tea can help improve skin radiance and keep it hydrated. The effects are mostly secondary as its antioxidants destroy free radicals and ride the body of harmful toxins that subsequently improves the body’s overall health, leading to softer, healthier and more youthful skin.

Use a humidifier

The cold winter months entails cranking up the heater. In turn, this leaves the air very dry and basically sucks the moisture right out of your skin. Besides just moisturizing, you can help fix this problem by purchasing a humidifier! This essentially brings back moisture into the air and environment leaving your skin less dry. Bonus, this will also help with your breathing especially if you have allergies or asthma!

Exfoliate then moisturize!

Exfoliating before moisturizing is a must. First of all, by using an exfoliator you are able to remove any of the dry skin already present, leaving you with a clean base to apply moisturizer. Depending on the dryness of your skin, you may choose a light body lotion or something heavier like a body butter. I recommend lotions in the morning after a shower and body butters at night before bed (as they tend to be very thick and sticky).

I use sugar scrubs as an exfoliator with either my hand or an exfoliating glove! I sometimes find scrubs difficult to find at superstores and drugstore, so I usually pick mine up from Bath & Body Works for around $17, but they are constantly have sales and promotions! Another way is to make your own sugar scrub.

DIY Sugar and Lemon Scrub

2-3 cups white sugar
1/2 squeezed lemon
1/2 cup olive oil
Mix it all together, throw it in a container. Voila!

  • I mix and match between moisturizers, and still have yet to find one that I love. Try the one from Clarins, or just any regular Jergens or Vaseline Cocao Butter Lotion has always done the trick.
  • I have always trusted The Body Shop for my body butters as I have been using them forever and love the scents. I choose these one over the ones at Batg & Body Works primarily because I find the ones there too fragranced. But it comes down to personal preference.

Face moisturizer

Origins Mega-Mushroom

I use two different facial moisturizers, one in the morning before I apply any makeup and one in the evening after washing my face. Both are made by Origins (my favourite skin care line) and provide moisture however are slightly different. In the morning I apply a light weight gel-like moisturizer called Origins Ginzen Moisturizer that really freshens up the face while providing moisture prior to applying foundation. At night I use the Origins Mega-Mushroom Moisturizer a much ticker moisturizer for sensitive skin that I apply over too of my Origins Mega-Mushroom serum.

Tip: if you are willing to invest, I highly recommend incorporating a serum and a moisturizer in your skin care routine. The combination makes an incredible difference in adding moisture to the skin.
I hope these steps help you achieve soft, radiant and hydrated skin all winter long! Now these may be a lot of tips, but incorporate whichever tips and products work best in your life! But honestly, the more the merrier! Xx

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